Our social unit reception services ar driven by a essential care team comprising associate Intensivist, ICU Nurses, metabolic process healerhealer et althey’re extraordinarily competent in handling inveterately unwell patients WHO want continuous shut observation and medical careusing high-end medical instrumentality.

Our team is extremely competent to handle a variety of services that need clinical experiencelike specialty medical care of patients WHO need invasive ventilator support, BIPAP/CPAP support, surgery care, post-surgical care, stroke care, finish of life care and additional.

ICU reception is a smaller amount than five hundredth of the hospital social unit price.
Negates the likelihood of hospital noninheritable infections.
Patients recover quicker within the comfort of their home.
Based on the severity of the patient’s condition, services ar bespoken as per the care set up suggested by the Specialist.
You can opt for the packages convenient to you supported the patient’s condition.

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